GRU Devlog 4 - more projects started, webpage for GRU and organizations on tildegit/codeberg

August 22, 2021 — G1n

In first days of this week I thought it will be not very productive. But I was wrong.

We now have webpage and organizations on tildegit/codeberg:

Also I am working on some new projects:

  • orcc - GRU/Orion Compilers Collection (but currently I am working only on lexer so it is not published yet)

  • gasm - GRU assembler (maybe will be part of GRU binutils. Also not published yet)

  • hexutils - I think hexdump, xxd and some other utils will be in this project

Also I tryed to advertize GRU on ~chat, some users liked us, so maybe soon someone will help me with all this.

And of course if you can help me please contact me in someway! :)

tags: gru, orcc, gasm, hexutils, webpage