GRU Devlog 5 - First contribution from other person, coreutils and gxt (tui text editor)

August 29, 2021 — G1n

This week I had a lot of new ideas. But I think we have to work on something that have already been started. Also we now have one more coreutils rewrite (now on C to more easily port it to Orion in future).

Also i have started working on some projects that is not ready to be published yet. One of them is gxt - tui text editor.

Currently it can only move cursor and display files. But I think I’ll publish it next week when editing will be working.

Bad news is that my school lessons will start next week so maybe this devlogs won’t be published every week, because of not enough work done. But I don’t know, maybe I’ll have enough time.

Also good news - we have first contribution on codeberg to grsh. I didn’t know this person (because he is not from tildeverse :) ), so it is cool!

Hope you liked this devlog! If you can somehow help us, please contribute to our projects on tildegit/codeberg and/or message me in someway :)

tags: gru, coreutils, contribution, gxt, grsh

GRU DevLog Week 0 - grsh, grutils and start of gros

July 25, 2021 — G1n

So I have started new project this week - grsh! It is shell written on Rust. Also, for now, other rewrites of coreutils are there.

What grsh can do for this moment: echo some variables (pwd, user, home, status of previous command using $?) and text; true, false, : - set status; pwd shows current dir, also comments and cd working, basic piping (thanks to that article and of course executing not builtin command also working.

Some grutils that I made: ls, touch, mkdir/rmdir, rm, grep, head/tail, yes, cat.

TODOs exist in grsh repo - so you can read there some of my plans.

Yesterday i have started GROS - OS on Rust! But I haven’t published code yet because it not have that minimum of funcionality that i want. Thanks for that site for teaching how to make basics -

So it was first of GRU Devlog! Thanks for reading! If you want to contribute to some of that project write me an email - , or contact me in other ways

tags: gru, grsh, grutils, gros