GRU DevLog 1 - gros sources published and add wc to grutils

August 01, 2021 — G1n

I didn’t make a lot work this week, so i think this devlogs should be renamed from “week number” to just “number” Ok, so what i did this week: - Add wc to grutils - Published gros - Add basic shell and some commands for gros

I know that is not a lot, but i was reading some osdev articles and books. Currently I would like to implement basic filesystem but i don’t know what to do.

Some goals for gros (I will add that to gros readme): - Filesystem (FAT or Ext2) - ELF or other executable formats - LibC (for compiling C programs) - Maybe basic networking but after all of that

All code in osdev wiki is for C so I need to implement it myself (or port existing rust code)

If you can help me somehow please contact me via email ( or in other ways (~chat irc, xmpp)

tags: gru, grutils, gros

GRU DevLog Week 0 - grsh, grutils and start of gros

July 25, 2021 — G1n

So I have started new project this week - grsh! It is shell written on Rust. Also, for now, other rewrites of coreutils are there.

What grsh can do for this moment: echo some variables (pwd, user, home, status of previous command using $?) and text; true, false, : - set status; pwd shows current dir, also comments and cd working, basic piping (thanks to that article and of course executing not builtin command also working.

Some grutils that I made: ls, touch, mkdir/rmdir, rm, grep, head/tail, yes, cat.

TODOs exist in grsh repo - so you can read there some of my plans.

Yesterday i have started GROS - OS on Rust! But I haven’t published code yet because it not have that minimum of funcionality that i want. Thanks for that site for teaching how to make basics -

So it was first of GRU Devlog! Thanks for reading! If you want to contribute to some of that project write me an email - , or contact me in other ways

tags: gru, grsh, grutils, gros