GRU DevLog 3 - Orion and dreams about GRU software future

August 15, 2021 — G1n

This week I was trying to make interrupts, paging and other memory things working in Orion. I found this guide and tried to follow it without rewriting the whole project:

For now only Global Descriptor Table maybe working.

My current goals/dreams:

  • make filesystem (the coolest would be make Ext2 driver)

  • build GCC hosted compiler (this will help GCC understand our OS better)

My very future dreams:

  • make kernel, libs, ports and soft in different repos

  • make proper way to make “distros” on our kernel

  • make some website with mirror of ports scripts (like in Serenity OS but not in one repo with everything and tool for searching and downloading ports from that mirror)

  • maybe (if i will work a lot on this projects) I’ll make one more account on for our organisation (domain name -, is cool), but i’ll ask admins about that

Also I think Orion need new name because i found several projects with this name :)

Some ideas about the GRU name:

  • GRU rocks (or rocking) UNIX

  • GloRious UNIX

  • GloRious Union

If you can help me or have some ideas (name/names or anything else) contact me via email or any other type of contact (irc: g1n on, xmpp:

tags: gru, orion, dreams